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Why Ship with AllCargo Express?

Through our history of service excellence, we have earned the trust of the finest car dealers, auto brokers, car collectors, and auto freight forwarders in the world.

Car Shipping Specialists

in Automobiles, RVs, & Collector’s Items

We specialize in end-to-end full-service international shipping for all vehicles, including classic cars, exotic imports, family cars and recreational vehicles, and just about anything on wheels. We are experienced in containerizing, overseas shipping, loading, and receiving automobiles of any size, weight, make, or model.

Strong Global Network

for Imports & Exports by any Mode of Transport

With more than 35 years of experience in car shipping and freight forwarding, we have built a well-established network of shipping and receiving partners worldwide.

We can handle all your auto shipping needs by any mode of transport, including ocean freight shipping, air cargo freight forwarding, and surface carriers.

Best Possible Rates

in Freight Forwarding by Ocean, Air, Train, or Truck

With more than 35 years in the business, we have established strategic partnerships with shippers and receivers in all corners of the world. Our shipping experts recommend the most cost-effective, safe, and timely international shipping and freight forwarding options, then book the space with a car carrier for you.

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We Make Auto Shipping Easy For You

If you have never shipped a car before, and feel intimidated by the customs clearing process or the confusing protocols of overseas shipping, choosing AllCargo Express can give you guidance and peace of mind.

If you have used overseas car delivery services in the past, you will understand how much easier and more convenient we can make this experience for you.

Customs Clearance

The customs clearance process can be baffling, with various local and foreign government documents and other paperwork to prepare and submit.

We can help you arrange local and foreign customs clearance by giving you expert advice on

  • foreign import and export regulations,
  • customs examination and assessment, and
  • take care of your auto cargo from customs after clearance.


With more than 35 years of experience in auto shipping, we have developed and established one of the best systems of containerizing vehicles in the overseas shipping business.

Depending on your preferences, we can either provide you with consultative advice, including directions for stowing vehicles and proper container use, or help you arrange for the appropriate packaging, labeling, or containerization of your auto cargo.

"How Do I get Started?"

Take 5 minutes to tell us about your auto cargo, and we’ll give you a Free Quote as soon as possible.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us. See what our customers say!

“I have contracted All Cargo Express twice when departing from Canada for Asia in 2016 and returning in 2020. International ocean freight logistics can be a complicated affair, and I’ve been pleased with the service provided by Laura & Alberto during both long-distance moves. They communicated regularly with me, keeping me up-to-date on the shipment statues and resolving any concerns I had. Laura had all of the paperwork dialed in for my return to Canada, making the Canada Customs clearancing process a breeze. On both trips, my goods arrived without any damage whatsoever, which is impressive given the distance and number of handling parties involved in an international relocation.

If I were to move abroad again in the future, I would certainly entrust Alberto & Laura with the logistics. They have been a pleasure to work with.”


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“awesome team, help me a lot with my containers importation and all the documents.”
Camilo A.

“Great company if you need to a ship car by boat.”

“Great service and helpful staff. Made unloading my container easy.”
Christian H. Morris

“Worldwide Auto Shipping and Freight Forwarding. Excellent, professional service!”
Jard Roberts

About AllCargo Express

AllCargo Express is an international freight forwarder, specializing in car shipping since 1978.

We can help you buy and import your dream car from overseas, or reach international markets when selling and exporting your car — for a cost that will make the distance worthwhile.

We ship cars across Canada and over international borders by ocean freight, air shipping, truck freight, or surface carrier.

AutoCargo Express is a reliable auto shipping company with more than 35 years’ experience in taking care of all the details involved in the handling of vehicles, motorcycles, and boats, and much more.

The safety and care of your vehicle is our top priority. You can be confident that your auto cargo will receive quality of care and treatment throughout its journey overseas.

Call us for a quote today, or simply submit your name and phone number in the form below. We look forward to helping you with your auto cargo delivery!

AutoCargo Express is a subsidiary of AllCargo Express Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Door-to-Door delivery" mean?
Door-to-Door delivery is a full service where we arrange to pick up the shipment from its location of origin to its destination, right to the specified address. This commonly refers to the freight charges. Charges on top of Door-to-Door can be exempt of offloading, customs, and port charges.
I am shipping my vehicle. Can I load all my personal items inside?
If you are shipping your car in a container of your exclusive use, you can put items in your car. However, you must provide a detailed list of the items in the car for Customs reporting. The driver’s seat must be accessible to a driver and all mirrors visible.

If your vehicle is being shipped in a consolidated container, no items can be put inside the vehicle. Exceptions are made to the vehicles that are OEM equipment, such as tools, jacks, and spares tires.

How do I prepare my vehicle for shipment?
Vehicles cannot be shipped if they are financed, leased, or not in the shipper’s name.

Exceptions are
– a bill of sale with a signed transfer form, or
– a letter from the Finance or Leasing Company allowing the exportation of the vehicle.

The vehicle must be shipped with one-quarter (¼) of a tank of gas or less. Anything more than that is considered hazardous goods and this has a higher rate structure.

If the car is delivered with gas, we can drain the tank for a fee. The battery of the car will also be disconnected when loaded into the container, as part of the Hazardous Goods regulations.

The temperature of the container can be significant, so we recommend no fluids in the vehicle that can spill, overflow, or burst during transit.

We recommend that cars be washed free of any mud or dirt. Some destinations, for example, will require a complete fumigation or steam clean, however it’s best to have the car washed for any destination.

What forms of payment are acceptable?
We accept, bank draft, cash, e-transfer, direct deposits, wires, and Visa/Master card.
Do you sell insurance?
Yes, we sell insurance.

We recommend that you Insure your shipment. We offer Insurance for Vehicles, Personal Effects, Commercial Goods, and more All Risk and Total Loss.

Ships very rarely sink. Most often, the damage occurs when the cranes pick up the containers and the contents are shaken. There is movement from side to side, and also up-and-down movement on the vessel or plane that can damage the shipment. Weather during transit can cause significant movement also.

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