How to Choose the Right Auto Shipping Company

Choosing the right International Auto Shipping Company for your prized possessions can be daunting

Read on for 3 tips to choose the right shipping company from International Auto Shipping Experts

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When you need to choose an international auto shipping company, you would be well advised to do some research by contacting several different companies and taking careful notes to compare different shipping services and prices before you commit to a contract.

Being well-informed and better equipped to form a clearer judgment of a company’s services, prices, and trustworthiness will help you choose the most suitable auto transport company that fits your needs.

Many people assume that all auto shipping companies are essentially the same; that shipping a vehicle is as simple as picking it up at point A, loading it on a ship or a plane, clearing customs, and then dropping it off at point B.

Easy, right?

Not exactly.

If you ask vehicle shipping experts, most will tell you that not all auto shipping companies are created equal. They will also tell you, go with a full service company.

Full-service auto shipping companies provide “end-to-end service,” which starts with vehicle pick-up at the point of departure and ends with vehicle delivery at the point of arrival to your final destination.

Throughout this journey, the full-service auto shipping company is your single point of contact from _quote_ to delivery, giving you utmost convenience. If there are any complications, a full-service auto shipping company will solve them faster, unlike smaller companies or brokers who lack the services required to fulfill a seamless international shipment and–worse–often charge additional or hidden fees.

Companies without sufficient auto shipping expertise will also often piece together a shipment route from different providers on a contract basis. Unfortunately, using such a shipping method, you as the customer can never really be sure about the quality or price of these contractors. This piece-meal approach means that you can never be completely sure who is handling your shipment during the journey. In addition to this uncertainty, every one of these additional companies will, of course, want to get paid, so unwary customers are often unnecessarily paying far more than they expected, and certainly far more than an appropriate market rate.

How does AllCargo Express operate?

AllCargo Express is a full-service international auto shipping company. We offer full logistics services that have been developed and refined over decades of experience and relationships built with ports around the world so that we can offer our clients a complete package with no hidden or additional fees.

We only work with partners who are as capable as we are in their ability to safely handle the loading and off-loading of even the rarest import or collector vehicles. Our well-connected global network allows AllCargo Express to provide not only the best rates on everything from insurance to shipping options, but we also provide much faster delivery times and simplified customs clearance.

AllCargo Express has built a strong foundation on decades of experience, earning our clients’ trust to ship their most prized possessions from anywhere to anywhere in the world. We are your single point of contact at every leg of your shipment. Our pricing is detailed, competitive, and lets you know ahead of time exactly what you can expect. Our quotes and initial consultations are completely free, so you are encouraged to call and ask as many questions in as much detail as you need.

When shipping with AllCargo Express, you can trust that your shipment will be treated with the utmost care from start to finish.

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